Shampoo for dry and damaged hair

With Argan oil


Leaves hair silky, fresh, fragrant and glowing

Volume 200 ml

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ARGAN REPAIR Shampoo with Argan Oil has been specially developed for dry and damaged hair. Carefully selected formula nourishes and regenerates hair without weighing them. Active ingredients leave hair silky, fresh, fragrant and full of light throughout the day. The hair is nourished from the roots to the ends.

Product dermatologically tested, pH-neutral for the skin.

Argan oil – Argan “tree of life” growing in Morocco named by the Berbers because of its many health benefits. This spiny tree (Argania Spinosa) grows exclusively in south-western Morocco on the Souss plain. Argan oil is rich in EFA – essential fatty acids (they constitute 80% of all fats contained in it). Among them dominate those of monounsaturated family, which is the main representative of the omega-9, or oleic acid. Argan oil is ideal for hair and scalp care. Prevents frizz and works perfectly on split ends. Gives them a healthy, natural shine. In addition, it makes the hair softer, silky and shiny.

Panthenol – provitamin B5 – moisturizes hair, regenerates ends and reduces their tendency to splitting. It has the ability to penetrate deep into the hair. Thickens the hair and gives them a natural glow.

Silk Proteins – restore proper hydration of the hair, smooth them and give them the appropriate flexibility.

Natural Oils of The World Shower Gel series is designed for daily care of all skin types, including sensitive skin. Gels have been enriched with specially selected natural oils from different parts of the world – Africa, Ethiopia, Morocco and tropical forests of Australia. Selected oils are known for their nutritional, regenerating, smoothing and hydrating properties. Natural Oils of The World Shower Gel series is enriched with glycerine and B5 provitamin.

The velvety formula of the gels creates a rich and pleasant foam while bathing, leaving the skin hydrated. Pleasant and subtle scents cover the body and soothe the senses, making each bath an unforgettable experience. Gels provide a fresh and pleasant feeling of smooth, soft and moisturized skin throughout the day. They have a neutral pH for the skin, so they do not interfere with the natural skin barrier.

The product can be ordered by direct sale at or in many commercial networks,:

–  PRIM chain shops
– WISPOL drugstores
–ALTA chain shops
– SUPERSAM shops (Warsaw)
– Hala Wola (Warsaw)
– Hala Banacha (Warsaw)
–DAMIANI drugstores
–PSS Społem shops (Ostrołęka)

Deeply regenerate

Intensively moisturize

Soothe irritations

Firm and soften irritations

Restore natural skin ph

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