Refreshing milky shower gel

For dull, sensitive and prone to irritation skin

Volume 500 ml

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Refreshing Goat’s Milk Milky Shower Gel is designed for dull, sensitive and prone to irritation skin. Goat’s milk contains a large amount of proteins and vitamins nourishing the skin. Gel was additionally enriched with allantoin and panthenol with a moisturizing and soothing effect – ORGANIC.Care formula. Delicate wash base provides dense, creamy foam. After bathing the skin has gentle, protective, greasy film. Pleasant fragrance for relaxation and relaxation.

– Allantoin

– Pantenol

The goat’s milk series includes products for face, body and hair. They are suitable for dry, sensitive and dull skin. Goat’s milk cosmetics for skin care of face, neck and cleavage:

– deeply regenerate;
– intensively moisturize;
– soothe irritations;
– firm and soften the skin;
– restore skin natural ph

The product can be ordered by direct sale at or in many commercial networks,:

–  PRIM chain shops
– WISPOL drugstores
–ALTA chain shops
– SUPERSAM shops (Warsaw)
– HalaWola (Warsaw)
– HalaBanacha (Warsaw)
–DAMIANI drugstores
–PSS Społemshops (Ostrołęka)

– MniszekPharmacies

deeply regenerate
intensively moisturize
soothe irritations
firm and soften the skin
restore skin natural ph

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