14 April 2017

Mistakes in facial skin care part 2

Check, if you know how to look after the skin of your face, which is very delicate and needs special care.
Become your own expert!

Watch out for the sun!

Unfortunately, the sun does not affect you only when you are lying blissfully on the beach by the sea. The UV rays emitted by the sun accelerate skin aging and cause solar discoloration. Therefore, sunscreen is not only a holiday must-have, and you should use them every day (even in winter), to protect the delicate skin of your face. On the market there is also a large variety of fluids with filter that can be used interchangeably or in addition to the cream.

Separate towel

Do you wipe your face with the same towel that you wipe … your body? That’s not good. And then women are surprised why they forever have acne, blackheads and other unwanted lesions on the face. Provide small separate face towel. It’s much more hygienic and your skin will quickly appreciate it!

Struggle with oily skin

Many women fall into the trap of the illusory logic, which suggests that oily skin must be dehydrated to achieve a middle ground. Meanwhile, dehydrating cosmetics, which often contain alcohol, have exactly the opposite effect. Excessively applied they force skin to increased production of sebum, which prevents dehydration forming a protective layer. For oily skin use gentle moisturizing, alcohol-free cosmetics.


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