14 April 2017

Is the use of conditioner after shampoo not good for your hair type?

There are rules that we should break in the hair care, to see if by chance, following them is not a disservice for us. One of these principles is to use conditioner after shampoo. Why this may not be good for your hair type? While according to some experts, bleached and dry hair usually require care treatment after washing the hair, the well-worn principles are not necessarily beneficial to thin and delicate hair. The excess amount of conditioner is not beneficial for them, it may unnecessarily cover and load the hair. Such hair even though they are gentle will stubbornly adhere to the scalp and it is difficult to give them the desired volume. For this reason, it is better to reverse the routine order. First conditioner (preferably warm compress, covered with a plastic cap), and then shampooing. This sequence can give the hair not only the purity and freshness, but also helps to restore their vitality by providing nutrition optimal to their needs, without overloading.


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